How To Make A $1 Out Of 15¢

Lately, I’ve been teaching my daughter Journey about the value of money.  Since we have become more of an electronic society, kids hardly ever see actual money anymore.  If you have ever answered, “We don’t have money for that” to a request for yet another ball (oh, but this one rolls when you kick it!), undoubtedly you’ve heard the matter-of-factly reply, “Just use your card.”

So, I set out to teach Journey more about how money works.  I started with this fabulous financial literacy program for children that PNC has called Grow Up GreatFor Me, For You, For Later is done in conjunction with Sesame Workshop and features characters from the beloved children’s program.  The packet is available for free at all PNC branches in English and Spanish and includes a DVD and activity book.

After Journey watched the video countless times, we collected her piggy banks around the house and labeled them—1 for saving, 1 for spending, and 1 for sharing as seen in the video.  Now she’s obsessed with saving every penny that she finds.  And lately when she asks me to buy something, I say “Sure, if you want to spend your money.”  After a brief pause, the response is usually, “Ok, I’ll think about it and maybe we’ll come back for it later.”

For Me, For You, For Later is also available online.

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