Fun-e-tic Spelling

One of the best things about having kids are the homemade gifts.  It’s also one of the funniest.  From hand and foot art, to popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners, parents see it all.   And let’s not forget the genius that thought it would be great to mix food and crafts and the teachers that have kept up this tradition.  Journey is a bit of a pack rat so I have to sneak and throw away most of this stuff when she’s not at home.  But every now and then I see trail of ants that lead to the fruit loop necklace or the macaroni Santa that I completely forgot about.  I digress…

For Father’s Day she made a book about what makes her dad special.  She’s at the age where she spells everything phonetically, which can make for some pretty interesting reading.

My Dad is a Rapping King

What a difference one letter can make!  I had her add attempt to add another “p” so that Colby wouldn’t be mortified that I’m posting this.  He didn’t think it was funny at all and wants to know why the teacher didn’t correct her.  They say at her age, it is more important for her to write all the sounds she hears rather than focus on spelling.  Poor thing!  She meant well.

My dad is special because he owns a radio station

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