The Day I Met The President

In honor of President Obama’s inauguration, I thought it would be cool to feature my six-year-old daughter as a guest blogger since she’s one of the few people I know that has actually shaken hands with him.  Below she shares her story of what it felt like to meet the President of the United States.

journey title

It was a sunny hot day.  Kind of weird since it was October 25th.  I was wearing this really cool shirt that my mom bought me.  It said “Pretty Brown Girl for Obama.”  It was also a special day because I turned 6 1/2 years old.


We were outside for at least 2 hours.  The sunset was glowing and it looked BEAUTIFUL!


There were thousands of people in the crowd.  Whoah!  Awesome!


I had to go to the bathroom.  When I got back it was crowded in our area.  I cried because I got squished and I thought we lost daddy.  It was the most squished I had ever been in my life!

When we got back to daddy, I saw the President’s plane land.  The plane was big.  Lots of people got off the plane.  The President came out last.


When the President walked up the runway, everyone was taking pictures.  He pointed at me, then waved to me.


Those are my little brown fingers in the picture.

IMG_1938 copy

The President talked about moving forward and not going back.  We kept chanting “4 more years!”  The crowd was going wild.

After the President finished his speech, it looked like he was going to get back on the airplane.  But he really was coming around to shake hands with the people.


Dad showed him my shirt.  He said it was so cute and then he shook my hand.


I felt upbeat and happy, like my favorite song was on the radio.  It felt like meeting a world-renowned star.  It was incredible!

My mom tried, but she didn’t get any really good pictures.  She did her best.


The next morning, I found out my picture was on the internet, and mom and dad copied it.

So that’s the story about the day I met the President.  I hope you have a shining moment like that one day too!

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“How was that mommy?”  Perfect.

5 thoughts on “The Day I Met The President

  1. I LOVE THIS POST. It’s so great; Simone, you are trés elegant… you make me (remind me, actually) want to dye my roots and cut my hair. Your daughter is precious. i think The Man is looking at her in that pic of her fingers. it really looks like he’s staring in her direction. You are a good mom to take her to these events; lots of my friends brought their children downtown Monday… we live near DC and didn’t go anywhere near it though – I *sort of* wish we did, but the weather was so cold. That’s the only thing… why does the inauguration have to be in JANUARY?! I have been to a couple inaugurations — prekids. My dad took me to Clinton’s first and HWWB’s swearing in. I had better seats than Mary Hart!

    America is amazing. Mr. Obama said some wonderful things Monday… i just wish people would get out of their own way, get with the program and help us help ourselves… we have such an fantastic country. We need to be worthy of the hype again… Thank you for following me on Twitter and my blog. You’re awesome. I love the little blogger community I’m becoming a part of. I was reluctant at first, but I’ve “met” some really nice people. -M

    • Thanks Molly! You are too kind. We were very blessed to be able to attend. We came so close to passing on the opportunity. Obviously, the moment was meant to be. I am in awe of all of the amazing women that I have gotten to know as well. Social media has enabled us to connect in a meaningful way that I would have never thought possible! SJ

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