Sometimes You Just Have To Hide


I was sitting on the edge of the bed about to take a shower when I heard, “Where’s mom, MOOOOOOM!”  I don’t know what came over me—maybe it was one too many games of Uno, Candyland or Old Maid—but I jumped up and hit underneath the bed.  When Journey got to the top of the steps, she called out mom one more time.  I heard her walking around for like 2 seconds then she went back down and told my husband that I wasn’t upstairs.  I stayed under the bed thinking surely once she realized I really wasn’t downstairs, she’d come back up to look for me.
I lay there for a while longer waiting…waiting…waiting to hear her little footsteps and her voice call “MOOOOOOM” again.  Now that I have made the mistake of lying down, I start to get comfortable.  I close my eyes and start to relax.  I get a text and realize I dropped my phone next to the bed.  So I reach out to grab it and put it on vibrate so that it doesn’t give me away.  I start texting and tweeting.  Then I realize I’ve been under this damn bed for about 30 minutes!  Meanwhile, no one has even called me again, much less attempted to come and find me.

After about 35 minutes, I muster up the strength to get from under the bed.  Just in time to hear them playing Candyland!  I take my shower, get on my laptop, make a phone call—nothing.   I must say I’m a bit disappointed that the girl who has dubbed herself my little shadow did not even really try to find me!  Two hours pass before they finally decide to come upstairs.  Later on, my husband is checking twitter, looks over at me and starts laughing hysterically.   “I thought J was kidding when she said you weren’t upstairs!” he says.  I’m like “TWO HOURS AND YOU DIDN’T EVEN YELL UPSTAIRS FOR ME!”  “She barely looked for me and you didn’t even check to make sure I was ok.  I could have been up here passed out (that’s my “go to” dramatic statement) and no one would have known for TWO HOURS!”  Needless to say, I learned two things from this incident.

1.  Should a real crisis occur, I’m pretty sure freaking out will not be their first response (perhaps it takes them a full 3 hours before they get concerned about a missing person).

2.  There is no end to what a mother will do to have a moment to herself.

At least I found a good hiding spot for the next time I need a break.  Maybe I’ll put a few magazines under there just in case.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for a moment to yourself?  Leave comments below.

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7 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Have To Hide

  1. I hug them every time they come looking for me… like uncomfortable and annoying. I’ll say, “I’m so GLAD you came looking for me. Why don’t we hug it out??” Teenagers don’t like hugs.

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