Birthday Party Theme: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

door open

For my daughter’s third birthday, I decided to re-create the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse since it was her favorite show at the time.

Each invited guest received a ticket to the Clubhouse.

When guests arrived, they were given a pair of ears and guided to the Clubhouse (which was in my basement).


A few months before the party, my stepdad and I hatched a plan to recreate the Mickey Park arch and the Clubhouse door.  He went to Home Depot and bought a piece of plywood for both the arch and the door that fit the width of the space in the basement.  I drew the arch onto the wood and he used a jigsaw to cut the arch.   First, I painted the back of the wood the same color as the basement walls so that it would match the rest of the room.  After that, I primed the wood, painted it bright yellow and trimmed it in white.  Then I downloaded the Mickey font and blew it up large enough to fit the space.  I printed it out on card stock, cut out the letters, traced them onto the wood and painted them to match the Clubhouse colors.   Once everything was painted, we attached the legs of the arch and used the bullseyes to hide the break in the wood.

For the door, we pretty much followed the same steps as above.  Once I finished painting it, my stepdad attached hinges to the door so that it would open and close.

When everything was altogether, we took it down to the basement and attached it to the wall.  My stepdad made a base using a few 2×4’s.


arch 2

door open

door open1

Now that the hardest part was done, I had a graphic designer that I worked with create the windows.  I used mounting squares to stick them to the wall.   I got a few of those red dot rugs from Ikea to create the red circles on the Clubhouse floor.

windows copy

Once the kids went down to the basement, they could enter the Clubhouse through the arches or through the door.

I had a table set up with crayons and coloring pages to entertain them until the show began. We also had face painting.

craft table

I wanted come up with a way to make sure to continue the Clubhouse experience after the kids got over the arch and the door.  I thought it would be fun to act out an episode of the show, so I wrote an episode centered around Journey’s birthday party.   Since I could not find an image of Toodles online that would work,  I bought a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book.  I blew up an image of Toodles, print it on cardstock and printed it out.  I created the Mouskatools using clipart.  I played Mickey and my husband made a brief appearance as Goofy.  To create his Goofy ears, I bought a foam visor, cut out ears from a piece of black felt and glued them to the visor.  I bought the cd with the theme song and we played it at the beginning and did the dance at the end.  The kids loved it!




Then we headed upstairs for lunch.  I made turkey sandwiches and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped like Mickey and a few other goodies.

luch table


We did a cake and cupcakes for dessert.

cake copy

Minnie made an appearance and took pictures with all the kids.

minnie copy

The party was about over, but since no one was ready to leave and it was a beautiful day, the kids headed outside to play.

outside1 copy

outside3 copy

Each guest left with a theme colored gift bag filled with Mickey Mouse themed items (puzzle, coloring book, crayons, etc.) that I got from Dollar Tree. The Clubhouse was definitely “jumping” and everyone had a great time.

Oh, and I never want to see Mickey Mouse Clubhouse again!

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    • Thanks! I held onto it for years but got rid of it when we moved. But you can follow the instructions and make your own. It might work with sturdy cardboard as well.

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