Between Us: Can A Woman Ever Have Too Many Shoes

red shoes

I look really hot in these shoes…for the five steps that I can take before they start to kill my feet!

There are two things I don’t want my husband to ever comment on—how much I eat and how many pairs of shoes I have.  So you can imagine my surprise when after 17 years together, my husband finally asked the question that men have been asking women for decades (maybe even centuries), “Do you really need more shoes?”

black feather shoe

One of the pairs of shoes in question

black suede

The other pair

At first I was kind of shocked.  In all of our years together, he has never, not once, questioned me about my shopping.  I’ve never had to hide a bag or pretend that something new was something I already had.  “What brought this on?” I wondered as I tried to come up with an answer.  Didn’t understand the amazing feat I had just pulled off?

miu shoes

These retailed at $300 and I got them at DSW on 80% clearance for $25! Super comfortable and I love the color.

I went to DSW with a coupon for $20 off of a purchase over $49.  A coupon, which I might add, that could be combined with the $5 coupon they sent me for my birthday.  And…this was the last day I could use the coupons before they expired.  So I came through the door with my adrenaline pumping!

sequin shoes

I thought these would be so comfortable. I was wrong.

Now, two things happen to me when I go to DSW—I get tunnel vision and color blind—aka I head straight to the clearance section in the back of the store and when I get there, I only see red (50% off), blue (70% off) and yellow (80% off).

juicy shoes

I found these cute Juicy Couture’s at a TJ Maxx Runway store. The last pair on clearance for $22. Guess I should take the sticker out.

I ended up finding two pairs and they were both 50% off.  After the discount and my coupons were applied, my total was $40.34.  But I wasn’t finished!  I had a gift card with $16.18, which brought my total down to $24.16.  But I still wasn’t finished!  I had a visa gift card for $25.  With that deal like that, the last thing I was thinking was whether or not I needed the shoes.


These are surprisingly comfortable. Then I made the mistake of wearing them too long one night and 2 of my toes went numb for 3 months.

If I were to answer his question truthfully, the answer would be no.  I do not need another pair of shoes.  I don’t even know where I am going to put the new ones.  Boxes are piled so high in my closet, I need a ladder to reach them (but to be fair, I need a ladder to reach most things).  I have a separate closet just for boots.


Hey now, I’m an All-Star…

Here’s my real problem–I cannot walk away from a great deal.  And somehow I am always falling ass backwards into them.  That’s how I justify most of my purchases.  It doesn’t take me long to come up with a reason to “need” a new pair of shoes, or dress or whatever.  I mean, who could walk away from a pair of $40 Uggs?  (Mind you, I didn’t even wear them once all winter).


Scored these on clearance at Nordstrom Rack. Uggs for $40? I think they were mislabeled, but I ran to the register before they could realize their mistake.

I just get so caught up in the thrill of the deal.  Even if it’s not in my size, I buy it for someone else. Maybe I should look at this as my wake-up call.  Maybe I should learn to just walk away. Or maybe I’ll have to start sneaking them in…

gold shoes

An emotional bride paid full price for these. The most I have ever spent on a pair of shoes. But we are still married 12 years later, so I think they were worth every penny:)

I thought about trying to explain this to him, but after a long pause all I could say was, “But it’s my birthday!”  I knew that would shut him up.  And it did. At least for now.

How would you answer the question?  Do you have too many shoes?

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3 thoughts on “Between Us: Can A Woman Ever Have Too Many Shoes

  1. Um, no I do not have too many shoes; but I do think there is a limit. I look at my closet sometimes and think, “this is an embarassment of riches.” I just got rid of some shoes, so begrudgingly because I cannot wear them to walk out the door without pain. They are years old, but they are truly not made for my feet, so they look brand new (Pumas…I love Pumas, but they do not love me back). I am feeling all wistful just thinking about them.

    I stopped by through the SITS Sharefest…love what I see!
    Leah @ Simple.Home.Blessings.

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