Birthday Party: A Perfect Princess Tea


My daughter decided she wanted to have a tea party for her birthday and I knew just the perfect place!  The New Leaf Tea Room.

new leaf tea room

Because the location was a quaint little tea house, I didn’t really need many decorations.

new leaf tea room 2



Once I had my location confirmed, I began my search for the perfect invitation—and I found it!

tea invite 2 copy

The the little girls remind me so much of Journey

I had let the parents know in advance that they were welcome to drop their child off or stay.  If they stayed, they could make reservations to enjoy an adult tea in another room or stay with our party.  A few parents had adult tea and I provided tea and refreshments for those that opted to stay with us.

Each guest had a place card that Journey and I made using cardstock, glitter glue and tea party themed stickers.  Each place was set with a hat, a pair of gloves, a ring, and a strand of pearls.


When the girls (and their dolls) arrived, they found their place setting. Once they retrieved their hats, they were sent to the parlor. I had a station set up for them to make their own hats to wear to the tea party.  I got the hats, tulle, and a bunch of flowers from Dollar Tree.  I cut the flowers off the vines so that they would easily attach to the hats.   I made bows with the tulle in advance so that the hats could be made quickly.  We supervised the girls gluing the flowers to the hats.  I printed labels with the name of each guest and stuck them under the brim so that we would know who each hat belonged to.

While their hats were drying, they girls played dress up in the Tea Lady’s trunk and got their nails painted.  For music, we played Journey’s personalized Disney Princess Tea Party CD.


After they were all made up, it was time for the parade around the room to show off their pretty dresses.  The Tea Lady led the parade and the birthday girl followed.

083 copy

091 copy

Then it was time for tea!  The girls got their hats and took a seat at the table.

Each girl received a tiered tray with tea sandwiches, fruit and chocolate dipped strawberries with a choice of raspberry hot tea or raspberry lemonade.  While they ate, the Tea Lady gave a talk about tea party etiquette.  They were all so attentive and polite.  Just like little ladies!


096 (2)

091 (2)


107 (3)

We had cupcakes for dessert.


After lunch, the girls made their own princess castle using a peel and stick activity sheet.

112 (3)


Then it was story time!


104 (2)

I provided a nice sized reusable gift bag (from the $1 section at Target) for the girls to hold all of the items that they received throughout the party.  I also added a Disney princess tea set that I stumbled upon months earlier at Dollar Tree.


The owner of the shop enjoyed us so much, she gave Journey this fairy as a gift.  It still hangs on her bedroom door.

door fairy

And we still use the gloves, hats, and all the other party favors for our tea parties at home.

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