inspIration: Spring Flowers

inspiration spring flowers

This spring, the flowers are not just in the garden. I was out shopping this weekend and couldn’t help but notice that they are everywhere!

I love this flower print dress from Helen Flanagan’s H&M’s collection.  And it’s only $25!  I wanted to try it on, but they didn’t have my size.


hm-floral-dress-product-close up

I always like to update my scent for the spring.  I was drawn to the beautiful bottle of Bond No. 9 Central Park South parfum.  The scent is as bold as the bottle.  A little too bold for me.


I think the Union Square scent suits me better.

union square

I love this floral iPhone case that I picked up from Nordstrom Rack for $12.

phone case copy

If I had an iPhone 5, I would have gotten this one from Kate Spade.

hello sunshine

Also came across this beautiful scarf from Kate Spade.  Perfect for days when I want to add a pop of color.

kate spade scarf3

I love this flower inspired manicure by Natalie’s Creations.  She posted a great DIY video on how to re-create the look.  She made it look so simple, but I’m not sure if I have the patience to try it myself.  But it does inspire me to think outside the box the next time I get my nails done.

spring flower manicure

I found these floral print jean by Tractor in the kid’s department at Nordstrom.  How cute are they?

tractor floral jeans copy

Ok, now I think I’ll go out and smell some real flowers!


photo credit: rsteup via photopin cc

Where to find it:
Helen Flanagan Multicolored Floral Dress | $25 | H&M 
Bond No. 9 Central Park South Parfum | $190-$270 | Saks Fifth Avenue
Bond No. 9 Union Square Parfum | $170-$245 | Saks Fifth Avenue
Tractor Floral Print Jean | $38 | Nordstrom
Floral iPhone 4/4s case | $12 | Nordstrom Rack
Kate Spade Hello Sunshine iPhone 5 case | $40 | Neiman Marcus
Kate Spade Jumbo Blossom Scarf | $128 | Kate Spade

Spot any flower trends that you love?  Please share:)

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