Birthday Party: Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street

Around the time of my daughter’s 2nd birthday, she was crazy about Elmo.  So a Sesame Street themed birthday party was a no brainer.I came across this image of my daughter “reading” her Sesame Street cd cover while taking a break during a photo shoot and it inspired my idea for the invitation.

original sesame st pic

The original picture

sesame invite front

The front of the invitation

Sesame invite back2

The back of the invitation

When the guest arrived, a photographer took their picture on “Sesame Street”.  To create the street sign, I had my printer transfer a wall cling that I bought onto foamcore.  To create Oscar, I blew up an image of him, glued it to a piece of foamcore and cut it out with an exacto knife.  Then I glued it to a piece of wood and stuffed it in the trash can with a bunch of newspaper.  I used another piece of wood to keep the lid propped open.


To decorate the party room (aka the basement), I separated the room into 3 different areas–Big Bird’s Reading Nest, where I put a bunch of Journey’s picture books and an alphabet mat; Bert and Ernie’s Toys That Make Noise, where I put some of Journey’s instruments and other toys that make sounds; and Elmo’s World, where I had a table set up with Sesame Street coloring pages and arts and crafts.



elmos world1

To make the signs for each area, I got a few classroom type banners from Dollar Tree and turned them over to the blank side.  I printed the letters and images that I wanted and glued them to the banner.  For Elmo’s World, I got a roll of kraft paper, spread it out in my kitchen and drew it based on a sketch I made watching the show.  Then, I went over the lines and colored using large twistable crayons.  I printed real images of Elmo, Mr. Noodle and Dorothy and glued them on.  I wish I had better pictures of the whole image, but it came out great.

elmos world2

For the craft, we made a big bird using our hands, yellow stamp pads and some googly eyes.



This is how it came out.

big bird

I happened to find the perfect outfit for the birthday girl at Gymboree.  I told her the fish was Dorothy.


Since the Sesame Street characters are puppets, we had a puppet show for entertainment.  To get the parents in on some of the fun, I  had a jar full of chocolate chip cookies for them to guess how many cookies were in the jar.  I also got a few Sesame Street scratch off cards from eBay.  The winners of each game received a small prize.

cookie monster

I decorated the meal table with Sesame Street plates and napkins that I got from Dollar Tree and Sesame Street take and toss plastic cups.  I printed out a transparent name sticker for each child (“J” is for Journey, “E” is for Ethan, etc.) so that we could keep the cups with the right kids.


For the cake, we had a schoolbus with all of the Sesame Street characters as passengers.



At the end of the party, each guest took home the photo they took when they arrived in a Sesame Street picture frame that I found at Five Below.  I made thank you stickers and attached them to bright-colored gift bags which included other Sesame Street themed items that I found at…where else…Dollar Tree!

Sesame st thank you sticker


*This post won the Best Decorations Award!

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