Between Us: Help! How Do I Handle My Kid Growing Up So Fast

j is 7

Yesterday, my baby turned 7.  To say she is growing up fast is an understatement.  Sometimes it feels like I brought her home yesterday.  I remember…

The first time she really started to cry and my husband and I staring blankly at each other wondering what to do.

Journey Baby Pic

The first time I realized she was a natural in front of the camera.

J first photo

When I realized that she was a daddy’s girl.


Being a bit jealous of how much she looked like her dad.  Then rejoicing in the moment when I found an old baby picture and saw myself in her.  (Apparently, all mothers torture their kids by dressing them up and taking pictures in cute hats.)

mom and j crying

Check out the plastic on the furniture!

That she has always had a sense of humor.



And a sense of style


j fashion

When I learned how to turn this face….

J sad

into this face…with “the look” in mere seconds.

j happy

When she found her voice.

journey singing1

When I realized she could fall asleep anywhere.


The first time we went to the hospital on a false alarm. (She said she put a rhinestone up her nose, but we found on the bed AFTER we came from the emergency room).

j hospital

The time we went because she was really hurt. (Broke her arm at summer camp).

j broken arm

When she learned how to share…


How to care…


And how to give…

j volunteering

When she first gave me the “mere presence of you is embarrassing me” look.  (Although, I’d like to think the look was more about how unimpressed she was with Mindless Behavior).

j care less look

I realize I’m starting to see this face more often.  The face of a daughter growing into her independence.  A daughter that doesn’t need me so much anymore.  A daughter that is going to ditch me a few years for her friends, boys and a life of her own.  Sometimes while I am hugging her I think, “If I hold on tight enough, maybe I can freeze this moment.” But before I start to cry, I remember…

That no matter how old she is or where she goes, she will always be my little princess. princess j

Got any tips on how to help me deal with my only child growing up so fast?

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4 thoughts on “Between Us: Help! How Do I Handle My Kid Growing Up So Fast

  1. My youngest turned 8 last month..she’s still amazing, she got ‘bored’ of being 7, but being 8 isn’t much different,just better!
    My eldest is 17 and much as I would love to say we have one of those perfect mummy /daughter relationship..we don’t, all I can say is be there for her but still set some boundaries(I have daddy for that!) learning to understand her mood swings when she becomes a ‘lady!’ is the one to watch out for! but you have a few more years to just enjoy her being a kid first:) and even when they are moaning about how crap we are or unfair their (well looked after) life is….they still come back for that cuddle and kiss good night…every night:) x

  2. My little girl is also 7. My little boy is almost 9. I’m about to cry right now. I want them to be little again! I want them to snuggle with me, willingly, and need me. I’m staging a protest to stop our kids from growing up!

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