8 Must-Have Apps For Parents


Get organized, save time and money with these 8 great apps for parents:

1.  Key Ingredient
Out of ideas for dinner?  Just plug in the ingredients you have on hand and this app will search for recipes using those ingredients.  You can also organize and save all of your recipes.

2.  Red Laser
Where do I begin with this amazing shopping app?!  You can compare prices on any item by searching by name or scanning the product barcode.  Browse for deals in your neighborhood or online and make purchases directly in the app.  And the best feature—get rid off all of those loyalty cards cluttering up your wallet by storing them in the app.  You can even share them with friends and family.

3.  Fooducate
This app helps you make healthier food choices at the supermarket.  Simply scan the barcode of a product and the app will grade it on a scale from A to D.  If you don’t like the grade, you can tap the alternatives button to get other healthier options.  You can also set it to let you know if the product has GMO’s (genetically modified organisms).  Get ready for a few surprises…

4.  Cozi Family Organizer
Perfect app for busy parents trying to keep up with the family’s hectic schedule.  Share calendars, shopping lists, to do lists and more.  Best feature—a journal tab for you to jot down a quick story or thought you don’t want to forget (which seems to  happens to me all the time).

5.  Cozi Family Locator
Another great Cozi app, especially if you have teenagers.  This one, developed in partnership with Life360, helps you keep track of your family…literally.  You can view on a map where family members are located at all times, let family members know you’ve arrived safely to a destination with one-touch or notify them when you need help.

6.  Mint.com
This easy-to-use app allows you to track, budget and manage your money all in one place, so you can see where you’re spending and where you can save.  One-click security keeps your info private, plus deactivation is easy online if you lose your phone.

7.  Pocket First Aid & CPR from the American Heart Association
Do you know what to do in an emergency?  This app has you covered with step-by-step instructions for child and adult CPR, choking, cuts and other emergencies.  You can also store your medical and insurance information for easy access.

8.  Take Me To My Car
Wish I had this app last week!  Lost my car in a parking garage when I remembered that I didn’t know what floor I was on—right as the elevator doors closed.  But with a quick tap, this app will remember where you parked and lead you right back to your car.  No more Seinfeld moments in parking lots for me!

What other apps have made your life easier as a parent?

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