inspIration: Time

me and journey

Since my husband was out of town, my daughter and I had a Little Ladies Weekend.  That’s what we call our special time together.

journey dancing

Journey dancing in the grass.  She is rocking that hat!

We went to an art festival and danced in the grass.  We had lunch with relatives that happened to be in town.  We made some magic in the kitchen.  We did mani-pedis on each other.

me at the festival

Journey took this pic of me. Not bad!

me and journey-kitchen

Us in the kitchen about to do some baking.

It was nothing that we wouldn’t necessarily do on any other weekend.  But it’s something about calling ourselves Little Ladies that really makes her so smile so big that her eyes close 🙂  Then it occurred to me.  I’ve heard it a million times, but I am just really starting to understand.  Nothing…not the latest toy or tech gadget or anything else that I could buy my daughter would ever be as important to her as the quality time we spend together.  And I don’t think she’s alone.  What kids really want is to spend time with you.

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