Between Us: Are All Husbands Idiots?

journey and dad

My husband is an idiot.  Scratch that.  All husbands are idiots.  Loveable idiots, but idiots nonetheless.  They are allowed to drive cars, build computers, fly planes and even run the country.  Yet, when I watch the way they are portrayed on television sitcoms and commercials, I am amazed that they are able to get dressed by themselves!  I know it’s only for entertainment purposes and I’m all for a good laugh, but why does the laugh always have to be at dad’s expense?

According to my television, the world is full of helpless husbands that spend exorbitant amounts of time concocting idiotic ways to get out of family obligations to hangout with their (often dumber) friends.  And when he does spend time with the kids, he seems to be on a mission to prove that he is even more of a kid than they are.  Meanwhile, the kids use every opportunity to cynically point out just how uncool and out of touch he is.  And then there’s his wife—the intelligent, patient, perfect and way above average looking wife—right there to lovingly scold him as she swoops in to fix whatever mess he has gotten himself into.

Now, while I’m sure there are a few out there that fit the description above, most husbands are far from it.  The role of the husband and father is changing.  But apparently, television execs and advertisers have not gotten the memo.   An article written by journalist Josh Levs reports that most fathers are carrying their weight at home:

  • The average dad spends 3 hours every workday with his children
  • 80% of dads change diapers as often or more often than their wives.
  • Almost all dads that live with their children actively participate in day-to-day activities like sharing meals, doing homework and playing.

My husband works hard in and out of the home.  When my daughter was a baby, he changed diapers, sterilized bottles and played peek-a-boo.  Now he cheers at school performances and patiently plays at tea parties.  He helps with the housework and the homework.  He is intelligent, caring, kind, considerate, dependable and strong.  He is not perfect.  But he is definitely not an idiot.

Happy Father’s Day!

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8 thoughts on “Between Us: Are All Husbands Idiots?

  1. Found you via the SITS girls link up. I LOVE this! I hate how tv portrays men (and women). It does not do them justice. My husband, too, is amazing! Happy Father’s Day to your hubby!

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