Birthday Party: Tinkerbell Fairies & Pirates

Tinkerbell Journey
Around her 5th birthday, Journey was in LOVE with all things Tinkerbell.  So I did my best to recreate the land of Pixie Hollow.


First, the invitation.  I couldn’t find anything I liked so I paid a designer to create the graphic.  Since boys were invited, I was sure to include the boy fairies on the image.  Then I printed it on white iridescent cardstock from the Mix+Mingle Pure collection at Staples.

tinkerbell invite plain

But that didn’t have enough of a “wow” effect for me so I used petal envelopes added a few more embellishments. I lined the envelope with glitter tape overlayed with paper and the invite.

tinkerbell invitation

tinkerbell invite1

Next was the location.  The closest thing I could find to a forest was the Cleveland Botanical Garden.  It has an indoor rainforest and a treehouse looking gazebo in the garden.


For the decorations, we didn’t need much.  I made centerpieces using tree branches that I sprayed with glitter spray paint.  I added decorative vine, butterflies, and birds.   I printed and cut out Disney fairies and hung them from the branches.  I used fake moss and flowers to make a runner for the table.   I found some paper that was made out of wood on sale at Michael’s that I used for placemats.  I put Tinkerbell stamps and crayons in galvanized buckets that I got from Dollar Tree for the kids to decorate their placemats.

fairy forest centerpieces

I framed the entrance to the room with a few tulle curtains that I twisted with ivy vine that I got from Dollar Tree.  I made a happy birthday sign and blew up the Pixie Hollow logo to hang above it.

tinkerbell entrance

When the girls arrived, they received a pair of wings that I got for $1 each at Dollar General.  The boys got a bandana and an eye patch.  I had Tinkerbell and Silvermist characters greet the children as they arrived and paint their faces.  The girls also got sprinkled with fairy dust.

face painting


For the craft, the girls made fairy wands and the boys decorated their own cardboard swords.

tinkerbell arts and crafts

 After lunch, the kids headed into the rainforest for a tour.  Then we headed outside for storytime with Tinkerbell and Silvermist and a fairy scavenger hunt to find buried treasure.  I bought a large cardboard treasure chest and filled it with jewels, jewelry, gold coins and other little trinkets for the children to find.
tinkberbell scavenger hunt
tinkerbell scavenger hunt 2
tinkerbell storytime
Time to cut the cake!  I told the baker I wanted a forest with fairies and boy, did she deliver!  This cake was amazing, I didn’t even want to cut it.
tinkerbell cake
And with a wave of Tinkerbell’s wand, the party was over.  We gave the boys a little treasure chest with maps, gold coins, a telescope and other goodies.  The girls got Disney fairy trinkets, jewelry and little bottles of fairy dust that I ordered online.
tinkerbell boy gift boxes
tinkerbell fairy dust favor
The fairy dust must have worked because by the end of the party, the birthday girl could fly!
Journey flying copy
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8 thoughts on “Birthday Party: Tinkerbell Fairies & Pirates

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  2. I love all this it is so perfect for my daughters party and I always struggle the invitation is perfect. Can you PLEASE send me the layered file. I would greatly appreciate it.

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