Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

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Although my daughter is in summer camp, she still has quite a bit of free time when she gets home.  Since she is an only child and I am a WAHM, I can’t always play with her as much as she (or I) would like.  But I didn’t want her plopped in front of the television or bored all summer either.  I needed to come up with an exciting way to keep her busy.  The Super Fun Summer Challenge was born!  She absolutely LOVES it!  I told another mom about it and she told another mom and they want to get their kids in on the fun.  I thought perhaps you would too.  All the kids need to participate is a notebook, stuff you already have around the house and their imaginations.  Here’s how it works…

When my daughter came home a few Mondays ago, she found this:

super fun summer challenge contract

It says that she has been selected to participate in the Super Fun Summer Challenge.  Every Monday, she will be given a challenge that has to be completed by Saturday.  We have selected a time of 6:00p, but you can select any end time that works for you.  She gets a prize for each challenge she completes on time.  The prize doesn’t have to be anything fancy.  So far she has received a dvd and a few books.

The rules are simple:

1.  She has to spend at least 2 hours a day working on her challenge.

2.  She cannot watch television while she is working on the challenge.  This should be a given, but she is the queen of loopholes so I wanted to be specific.

3.  She should ask for help when she needs it.

After she read it and signed, she was allowed to open an envelope next to it with her name on it.  It was the first challenge.

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge1.docx

After she calmed down from all the excitement, she got to work immediately.  She followed all the rules and worked extremely hard to meet her deadline.  And Perfect Day City was created.

Perfect Day City features an outdoor concert venue on the lake, a swim club, picnic area and a dog park.

pefect day city

When 6:00p came, she kept looking outside see if a package was delivered.  At that moment, I realized that she had no idea that I was the one behind the challenge.  Gotta love the innocence!

When Monday rolled around, she couldn’t wait to get her envelope.

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge2.docx

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge2-bizplan.docx

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge2-bizplan.docx

She actually came up with 4 ideas.  As we talked through them, she narrowed it down to one.  She decided that she wanted to open a non-profit which was pretty impressive.  The profits from her lemonade stand will go to help different children’s charities.

Journey's Lovin Lemonade

Our week three challenge ends tomorrow.

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge3.docx

The challenge for week 4 is below.

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge4.docx

To get your kids in on the fun, simply sign up using the form below.  Then click the images related the challenges, print and put in an envelope addressed to your child.  You will also need to give them a notebook.  You can pick up with us at week 4 or do any one of the challenges above.  I will post a new challenge every Friday until around mid-August.

A few things to consider:

  • If you have siblings that may not be getting along, having them do the challenges together could be a great team building exercise.
  • Supplement the challenges by adding field trips to the library, a play at the community theater, a museum, etc.
  • For prizes, you can get creative and give certificates that are good for one extra hour of television, an extra story at bedtime, something extra for dessert–you get the idea.
  • Skip the parts of the challenge that you feel are too difficult and add steps to the challenges you think are too easy.

If you decide to participate, please leave comments about your experience below.   Also, please share pics and comment on my facebook page, on instagram and twitter using the hashtag #SFSChallenge.  And most importantly, if you like the idea, please share it 🙂

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(Don’t worry, I’m not sharing your information with anyone:)

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13 thoughts on “Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

  1. SWEET! I love this idea and the convenience of it! This is perfect for my middle children! I LOVE that at some point the children and parents are interacting with the challenge (touring the town, perform for your parents, etc.) Thanks for sharing this wonderful summer activity challenge with all of us!

  2. This is SUCH a fantastic idea! I would’ve LOVED something like this as a kid. My mom was creative, but not THIS creative. Kuddos! I wish my kids were old enough to do something like this. (Reading is, of course, a prerequisite. lol). I may try and find a fun preschool variation. Great job!
    New friend visiting from SITS 🙂

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