Super Fun Summer Challenge | Week 6

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I can’t believe that we are 6 weeks into the challenge already!  Next week is Journey’s last week of summer camp.  Thank goodness I have this to keep her busy.  Here’s a quick recap of week 4…

If this is your first week joining the challenge, start here.

The challenge for week 4 was to create an eco-superhero.  Journey named her eco-superhero Recycle Girl.

recycle girl

To transform her into Recycle Girl, we cut up some green material I had into strips.  I used safety pins to attach a strip of the material to the legs of a purple pair of pants she already had.  Then we cut wider strip to wrap around her arms, turned them inside out and used duct tape to create sleeves.  Journey created an emblem and we taped it to a black t-shirt.  She used a leftover strip to create a headband.



Journey’s comic book was called The Amazing Adventures of Recycle Girl.  The story was about a kind girl who works to take care of her city by keeping it clean, recycling, gardening, conserving water and electricity.


She even added an About the Author page.  Too cute!


As we wrap up this week’s artist challenge tomorrow, see the challenge for week 6 below:

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge6.docx

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge 6 action plan.docx

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge 6 action plan.docx

If you haven’t already, please complete the form below so that I can keep track of how many of you are participating. Also, please share pics and comments on my facebook page, on instagram and twitter using the hashtag #SFSChallenge. I would love to include your kids in the weekly recaps. And most importantly, if you like the idea, please share it 🙂

View Journey’s From A Kid to A Kid vlog about the Super Fun Summer Challenge

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