Super Fun Summer Challenge | Week 8


Summer camp is over and we have officially started our month-long vacation (workaction for me) this weekend. So we are taking the challenge on the road! Here’s the week 5 recap…

Ever since we did the business plan challenge, Journey has been dying to put her plan into action! Her business idea was for Journey’s Lovin’ Lemonade Stand. Since she decided that she wanted to do it for charity, I thought it would be a good idea to have her be a philanthropist for the week 6 challenge.

Since we don’t really live in a high traffic neighborhood, I had to find a location that would allow us to set-up her lemonade stand for free and without worrying about the fuss of a permit. Lucky for me, the first place I contacted said yes. And of course, it helped that it was for charity. Journey decided that she wanted to use the proceeds to buy school supplies for kids in need. How sweet and thoughtful!

Since she had already decided how she would donate her time and talent, she had to develop an action plan to carry it out. This helped her think through everything that it would take to operate the lemonade stand, including who would help her get supplies, contact the charity and deliver the items. We also asked a few people to volunteer with us to operate the stand.

summer challenge action plan

We painted a banner and a few price signs for the table.



Then she made a list of supplies and we went shopping. Since we were about to head out of town for a month right after we finished with the lemonade stand, I knew I didn’t have time to make such a large quantity of lemonade. So we decided that it was ok to buy Simply Lemonade (which I think is the closest to the real thing) and doctor it up. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask for a few discounts, so I grabbed her business plan and threw it in my purse hoping that the cute factor would help seal the deal. When we got to Target, asked for the manager and she did the talking. He gave us a 20% discount! We were sure to keep all of our receipts so we could tally how much we spent on supplies.

journey and lemonade

Rain was the forecast all week. We decided that we would honor our commitment and do it rain or shine. We woke up to rain–like trees down and power out rain. It was supposed to stop in a few hours so we said a prayer and headed out in our rain gear. We had a tent but it didn’t really stop us from getting wet. Journey was a trooper. She shouted her lemonade chants all morning. “Step right up don’t be afraid, come and get some lemonade!” “Come on people don’t be scared, help a kid get prepared!” If someone walked by eating, she would say, “You need something to wash that down!” If someone asked what charity it was for, she would tell them all about it. Slowly, we started getting donations. And when the rain finally stopped almost 2 hours later, they started buying lemonade. The strawberry was a big hit! We sold out with 30 minutes to go!


IMG_0152 IMG_0155

After expenses, we raised almost $300!

As we wrap up week 7 tomorrow, see the challenge for week 8 below:

Microsoft Word - superfunsummerchallenge8.docx



If you haven’t already, please complete the form below so that I can keep track of how many of you are participating. Also, please share pics and comments on my facebook page, on instagram and twitter using the hashtag #SFSChallenge. I would love to include your kids in the weekly recaps. And most importantly, if you like the idea, please share it 🙂

View Journey’s From A Kid to A Kid vlog about the Super Fun Summer Challenge

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