7 Things That Should Outrage Parents More Than Miley Cyrus


photo credit: entertainmentwise.com

A feeling of outrage over Miley Cyrus’ provocative performance at the MTV Video Music Awards has swept the nation!  All week I’ve been reading open letters to Miley, letters to daughters about her behavior as well as commentary from critics and supporters.  Over the last few years, Miley has done everything from drugs salvia to posing naked to  partying like a rock star—anything to prove that she is no longer Hannah Montana.  So when she hit the stage on Sunday half-naked, twerking (or attempting to anyway) and gyrating with a foam finger, was it really a big surprise? Continue reading

5 Creative Tips To Welcome Your Kids Back To School

j first day 2013

My daughter started second grade on Monday, so I am little behind the ball in posting this.  But if your kids haven’t started (or even if they have), here a few creative things you can do to help them transition from summer slacker to serious student… Continue reading

Super Fun Summer Challenge | Week 9

summer challenge logo-big Last week was the first week doing the challenge while on vacation.  I had to work out of town for the week, so Journey spent the week with family.  But she still finished her challenge!  Here’s a quick week 7 recap… Continue reading