5 Creative Tips To Welcome Your Kids Back To School

j first day 2013

My daughter started second grade on Monday, so I am little behind the ball in posting this.  But if your kids haven’t started (or even if they have), here a few creative things you can do to help them transition from summer slacker to serious student…

1.  Create a “First Day” Bag

Journey brought a little paper bag home from school on the first day.  Inside the bag were several items and this note:

first day bag

I ate the Hershey’s Kisses before I could even take the picture!

I love the message that it sends to the parents, the student and how it sets expectations for the year.

2.  Set Goals For The School Year

Your child is never too young to start setting goals.  Each year Journey and I have a conversation about what she would like to accomplish during the school year academically and personally.  She writes down her goals and posts them so that they can be seen daily.  We reviewed the goals periodically to ensure that she remains focused on achieving them.  Her goals for this year are below:

j 2013 goals

3.  Start A Journal

Journey started her first journal as soon as she could write.  It helps her practice writing and it’s a great way for her to learn how to release her thoughts and feelings.  At the very least, she has to write 4 affirmations each day—one of which has to be “I am beautiful.”  Because she is—and I never want her to forget it.

j journal

4.  Issue Bedtime Passes

Since Journey is back to her school schedule, I thought she would appreciate these cute bedtime passes I found on pinterest.   But I am using them a bit differently, so I created my own.  I gave her one to start off the year, but going forward she can earn a pass to stay up 15 minutes past her bedtime by exhibiting good behavior.

bedtime pass pic

5.  Threaten Embarrassment

Last year, Journey and I agreed that I am only allowed to “embarrass” her on the first day of school.  I get to walk in, take pictures and I can even get a hug and a kiss.  After that, she walks into school by herself. But whenever she would give me the slightest bit of trouble, I threatened to walk her in holding her hand.  Worked like a charm.  So when the first day came this year, I gently reminded her of this.  Don’t think I’ll have any trouble here!

What are you doing to get your kids ready to go back to school?

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3 thoughts on “5 Creative Tips To Welcome Your Kids Back To School

  1. Great tips! I love your blog, both look & feel and the topics of interest. The bedtime pass idea is so clever. My girls are older now: 17, 14, and 11 so this wouldn’t work for me anymore but I do wish I had this for when they were younger 🙂 Ingenious!

  2. Coming by from SITS! Love this! I am a high school English teacher, and some of these habits are so good to instill, like journaling and setting goals! I do that with 11th graders! Hope she has a great year! 🙂

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