Fun & Healthy Halloween Treats

Halloween Sandwiches
Although Halloween and candy go hand-in-hand, there are lots of fun and healthier alternatives to the sweet stuff to enjoy.  Check out a few creative ideas from my Pinterest Halloween board to share at your Halloween party, at the office or with trick-or-treaters at your door.

Everyone knows that shaped sandwiches taste better. Here, I used Halloween cookie cutters to make sunbutter and jelly sandwiches on wheat bread.

I get requests to make these fruit jack-o-lanterns every year for my daughter’s class party.  The kids love them!  Learn how to make them here.

I love how simple this is. Perfect for a party at the office or at home.

Super easy way to transform an apple into a fun Halloween treat!

Make this adorable veggie skeleton the centerpiece of your party. What better way to get kids to eat their veggies than to have fun playing with them?

Love these fruit pumpkins and ghosts.  As much as I love clementines and Journey loves bananas, I think we could finish this whole plate!

These are a few great grab-and-go options for trick-or-treaters.

For more ideas, visit my Halloween Pinterest board. Happy Halloween!

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