DIY: Create A Bento Box Of Fun

bento box with ribbon

This week I’ve been preparing for the 7 hour drive ahead of us to get home for Thanksgiving.  Each time we take this trip, I pack an arsenal of stuff to keep the kid occupied during the ride.  But no matter what she has going on in the back seat, she still manages to ask me the dreaded question, “Are we there yet?” at least once an hour.  Then she spends the next 5 minutes whining about how it is “going to take forever!” and blah, blah, blah.  By the time we get to our destination, I’m ready to barricade myself in a room with a bottle of wine!

But this year, I decided to try something different.  Since bento boxes are all the rage for lunches, I thought I would make one that was just for activities.  So I created a bento box of fun activities—including a doodle pad, colored pencils, card games, stickers and more—for Journey to enjoy during the ride and for the rest of the long weekend.  I am hoping that the creative presentation will get her excited enough to focus on the box to help pass the time.  Here’s how I did it…

You will need:

-A gift box ( I bought my box from JoAnn Fabric–be sure to download a coupon online or on your smartphone before you buy.)
-2 sheets of heavy card stock
-Small-sized kid activities (I bought most of the activities in my box from the $1 section at JoAnn Fabric and Michael’s.)

bento box supplies

1.  Put your largest activity in the box to decide where your dividers will be placed.

2.  Measure the depth and the width of the box from inside.

measure gift box

3.  Cut the card stock according to the measurements of your box and how you would like your dividers to be placed.

measure cut paper bento box

4.  Glue the dividers into the box and let dry before inserting the activities.

bento divider

bento box complete

5.  Add a ribbon if you like.

bento box with ribbon

This box also makes a great gift for kids visiting your home this holiday season.

What tips do you have for keeping  kids occupied during a long car ride?

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