The Lesson In The Blessing: 3 Things I Learned In 2013

lesson in the blessing

Last week, I was blessed to be honored as one of the 25 Most Influential African-American Women in Cleveland by Heineken.  What a great way to end the year!   I was so inspired by my fellow honorees and their amazing stories.  In addition to having the pleasure of spending the evening in the company of these amazing women, I was reminded of three very important things.

 1.  Always be prepared.
Since my husband happened to be hosting the awards ceremony (he’s a radio personality), I got a heads up that we would just be accepting the award and taking photos—no speeches.  Then the ceremony starts and he says we can say a few words if we would like—no pressure!  I was kicking myself for not having prepared a few words just in case.  As an event planner, I know better than anyone that events are fluid and don’t always go as planned.  I am the queen of carrying a plan b in my back pocket for my clients, but when the time came for me personally, I was not prepared.  It’s not like it was a keynote or anything, so I winged it and it was fine.  Then of course, I wrote the perfect speech in my head on my way home from the event!

me and my award

2.  You deserve it.
Despite all of my accomplishments, often times I still feel like I’m not worthy.  Like I’m not a “real” entrepreneur and I’m going to be outed for the fake that I am at any minute.  There’s actually a name for it—Imposter Syndrome.  These feelings don’t always last for long, but when they are present they can be motivating or paralyzing.  When I feel paralyzed, I remember that it’s normal to feel self-doubt every now and then.  I try to step outside of myself and see myself they way others see me.  I review my accomplishments in life thus far—personally and professional—and focus on what I’ve done right, rather than what I have yet to achieve.  And when I am blessed to receive an honor as I did last week, I whisper to myself, “You deserve it.”

3.  You are not alone.
After hearing my fellow honorees share story after story about overcoming various financial, physical and emotional setbacks, I realize I am not alone.  Rather than trying to always go it alone, I need to do a better job of utilizing my personal and professional networks as a source of support.  I need to realize that while I am strong, asking for help does not make me weak.  Leaning on my networks to express my fears, frustrations, successes and setbacks can be a great way to gain new perspectives.

Now to turn all of this inspiration into a plan of action as I begin to work on my goals for 2014 next week.

What were some valuable lessons you learned in 2013?

7 thoughts on “The Lesson In The Blessing: 3 Things I Learned In 2013

  1. I learned I can’t save everyone. Even when I see what they don’t see I can’t save them. I have to allow people to make mistakes even if their mistakes affect me. I just have to let go and let God.. Congratulations!

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