Between Us: Overcoming Being Overwhelmed


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I have so much to do I don’t where to start.  My husband left this week to start a new position in another state.  So I am temporarily a married single person—again.  And as soon as he walked out the door, the pilot on the hot water tank went out, the smoke detector started chirping because the battery needs to be changed and it snowed!  It’s like the house knew he had just left!  On top of that, I have 3 weeks to pack up our house to move (and everything that goes along with it) to a house that we have yet to find.  All while I continue to run my business—oh, and manage my blog.  And let’s not forget about this arctic blast that had me stuck in the house with a 7-year-old for 3 days!

I’m so overwhelmed, I’m paralyzed.  Sometimes I find myself walking in a circle until I’m dizzy trying to decide what do next.  Here are the strategies I decided to implement to get through it:

Follow my own advice.
In my last post, I listed 9 things that I would not do in 2014.  Beating myself up about what I have yet to accomplish is one of them.  Although my current to-do list is as long as I am tall, I can only do so much in a day.  Each night before I go to bed, I will make a smaller, prioritized list for the next day.  And I won’t freak out if I have to carry an item or 2 over to the following day.

Ask for help when I need it.
I admit it—I suffer from Superwoman Syndrome.  Family or friends need anything, I’m right there.  Do I need anything? No I’m good, I’ve got it all covered.  I’m the one that always has it all together—always in control.  The problem with being superwoman is that when it really does become too much, you are almost ashamed to ask for help.  What will they think of me if they realize I can’t do it all?  What if they find out that I’m actually human?  But rather than starting the New Year with an old pattern, I am electing to make a conscious effort to ask for help when I need it.  And with all that I have to get done this month, the timing couldn’t be better.

Keep calm and carry on.
I tend to have this awful anxiety whenever I have to prepare for a long trip or a big event.  I spend the whole time leading up to it stressing about how impossible it will be to get it all done before my deadline.  And every time, it all works out.   I am sure this time won’t be any different.  At least that’s what I will repeat to myself each time I feel my chest tighten between now and moving day.  Maybe my superwoman cape will back from the dry cleaner by then:)

What strategies do you use to overcome being overwhelmed?

9 thoughts on “Between Us: Overcoming Being Overwhelmed

  1. Hi! Stopping by through SITSgirls. When I’m overwhelmed it helps me to do a ‘word dump.” I write down all of the things flying through my head at one hundred miles per minute. Sometimes I end up with a to do list and sometimes it’s just nonsense, but either way it clears my head and helps me stop worrying and prioritize.

    • I second what Nicole said! When I’m overwhelmed, I sit down and put everything on paper, whether I physically write it or type it. Once it’s out, I feel SO much better. I also second Nicole with the “sometimes it’s a list, sometimes it’s nonsense”. I write A LOT of nonsense and sometimes by the time I’m finished, I’ve written three pages, lol! But it helps, SO much 🙂

  2. Very timely post for me. I am feeling overwhelmed with commitments I made to my church, my business, and to my home. I talked to over with my husband and I’ve had to make serious cuts in my committed time. I have Bipolar Disorder and being overwhelmed can trigger an episode. Something I seriously do not want to happen. I’m already feeling sad and crying. Two signs that being overwhelmed is causing me to lose my hold on a stable and balanced life. What I do when feeling overwhelmed is take a serious look at my commitments and start crossing off things that I just can’t do. It has to happen. I go through my Wellness Recovery Action Plan and adjust my life accordingly to the plan I’ve made for situations such as these. Thanks for the post. Have a blessed day.

    • I have definitely stopped volunteering for so many causes. I am realizing that giving my time is not always the best way for me to help. Crying is definitely a sign that you have to slow down and pull back. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Usually when I’m overwhelmed it’s because I don’t have a plan. The very best thing I can do is sit down with my list, make sure it’s complete, map out when I need to do different things, and make a schedule for the day. That helps me be realistic about what I can and can’t accomplish and usually that makes the overwhelm go away.

    Visiting from SITS.

    • For me, the plan is what overwhelms me! When I sit and think, I realize how much has to be done, then the panic sets in. But being realistic about what I can accomplish has helped me too. Thanks for stopping by. Please be sure to visit again soon:)

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