4 Tips To Spark Your Creativity

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For the last three weeks, I’ve been suffering from an acute case of constipation. Mental constipation, that is. I think the stress of getting settled in a new place, project deadlines, and a never-ending to-do list has caused a major blockage. My creative flow is at an all-time low. While this bout of constipation has been extremely frustrating, it is also a sign that it’s time to take a laxative. So here’s what I’m going to do…

Change my diet
Just as eating more fiber in the form of whole grains, fruits and vegetables is a healthy and natural way keep things moving, the same can be achieved by feeding my mind with stimulating content. This means watching less mindless TV (sorry Housewives) and spending more time reading and listening to books on tape. I also started meditating this week thanks to the suggestion of a good friend. I do 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before bed. It can be challenging to completely clear my mind, but I do find it very relaxing.

Change my mind
When the body processes food, it absorbs the nutrition that it needs and eliminates the rest as waste. What you eliminate can be just as important as what you add. So I decided to give up negative thoughts, self-doubt, and all behavior that blocks me from receiving what I really want. Instead, I will focus on thinking high-level, confident thoughts. I will use my energy to attract my heart’s desire. I will use my thoughts to manifest greatness!

Change my routine
Exercise and physical activity help decrease the time it takes for food to move through your body. Just 10 or 15 minutes a day can help keep your digestive tract (and the rest of your body) healthy. Exercise is also good for your brain. It can boost creativity, cognitive function and mood. The more you exercise, the more mental stimulation you will experience. Although, I do some form of physical activity for a few minutes each day, it’s time to take it up a notch and try something more intense. Since I’m no good on my own, I am going to try the P90X3 workout. It’s not as intense as the P90X but definitely more than what I’ve been doing. I think I can make it through 30 minutes. I think…

Change my perspective
If you resist your body’s attempt to have a movement, the urge will dissipate. But the longer you resist the urge, the harder it becomes, which eventually leads to a blockage. Soon you will start to feel bloated, sick, and sluggish. At that point, the only thing that will make you feel better is letting it go. It’s time to LET IT GO! Stop holding on to dysfunctional relationships, unfulfilling careers, projects that exhaust you, the person you used to be, or anything in your life that isn’t working. Letting go is not giving up. It’s having enough courage to free yourself from what is weighing you down and no longer serves your well-being. By letting go, I am creating more space for new opportunities. And I will have faith that if whatever I was holding on to was for me, when the time is right, it will be mine.

Do you have any tips for curing mental constipation?

2 thoughts on “4 Tips To Spark Your Creativity

  1. Great post! This happens to me every now and then, and yes changing things up definitely helps. I also make sure I get around positive creative people to reenergize my imagination. Thanks for sharing!

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