Super Fun Summer Challenge 2014: Week 6

SFSC 14 logo

The summer is winding down and so is the Super Fun Summer Challenge.  See the recap for week 4 below: 

If this is your first week joining the challenge, start here.

Last week, the challenge was to be a news anchor.  Journey had to interview family and friends to come up with three stories for her newscast.  She had to write a script and create a background.

She decided to actually be on tv.


We went old school and added an antenna!


Journey’s weather report.


See our last challenge of the summer below:

Microsoft Word - SFSC Week 6.docx

You also need to print out this certificate that I downloaded from Hoover Web Design for the kids to give to their students.

Certificate of Participation Award Template

Thanks to all the parents and kids that participated in the Super Fun Summer Challenge 2014.  I hope you and your kids had as much fun participating in the challenge as Journey and I did!

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