Friday Find: Best Deodorant For Kids

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I knew the day would come.  The day my daughter would make me second guess my senses.  Surely that wasn’t my little angel that just walked past me smelling like a teenager.  Not my baby!  But it happened.  When the weather broke last spring, so did my daughter’s hormones.

I swear I don’t remember having smelly pits so young.  But here I was having to deal with the fact that my daughter needs deodorant at the ripe old age of 8.  I knew I didn’t want to subject her to the harsh chemicals found in the average deodorant like formaldehyde and aluminum.  And some of the home remedies like baking soda and cornstarch are just too messy.  So I headed to Whole Foods to see what natural options they had.  After checking out a few, I decided to try this:

crystal deodorant

The Crystal Body Deodorant Stick is made from natural mineral salts.  That’s it.  No parabens, aluminum or any other harsh chemicals.  Just wet the crystal, roll it on and go. The layer of salt prevents odor causing bacteria from forming on your skin.  And doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

I bought a small one for about $3 and took it home to put it to the test.  Journey couldn’t wait to use her big girl deodorant.  The next day was hot and sticky—the perfect day to give it a trial run.

When I went to pick her up, I braced my nose and hoped for the best.  She got in the car and…nothing.  No smell!  As soon as we got home, I stuck my nose right in her pits.  Nothing!  Absolutely amazing!  Then I couldn’t stop.  I smelled her pits all summer, just waiting for the day that I could “Aha” the crystal stick.  Surely mineral salts couldn’t beat the smell of fun and sweat at outdoor summer camp.  But it did.

Then I figured maybe I should give this “all natural” things a try too.  Um….let’s just say I didn’t have the same results.  Oh well.  At least one of us has chemical free pits.

Oh and the best part—the crystal can last up to a year!  And it works on foot odor too!

Item:  Crystal Body Deodorant Stick
Where:  Whole Foods and Most Drugstores
Price: $5.99

4 thoughts on “Friday Find: Best Deodorant For Kids

  1. Ha, I remember that day for me it was after my daughter’s Tae Kwon Do class. I don’t recall the age but it was a shocker. We stopped at cvs and I got her the suave powder fresh. I wasn’t aware of the Crystal body deodorant product yet but yes that is a great product too. Nice share!

  2. Simone- some natural crystal deodorant has aluminum in it, sometimes called alum or alum phosphate. I got chemical poisoning from it years ago. It does work but………….. maybe try Tom’s of Maine?

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