Friday Find: Alexander Wang For H&M | Kate & Jack Spade for GapKids

gold frame

Why am I posting my Friday Find on Thursday?  Because I was so busy preparing for the Halloween trick-or-treaters that didn’t even show up (but that’s another post) that I forgot to tell you about TWO HUGE fashion collabs that are in stores now—Alexander Wang for H&M and Kate Spade New York (girls) and Jack Spade (boys) for GapKids!

Alexander Wang for H&M

In an almost all-black palette, the 61-piece collection officially hit stores today with items ranging from $10-$350.  In line with the performance wear trend, most of this very cool and very sporty collection can easily go from the gym to a casual night out.

group women

Perfect for those of us that need want to get out of yoga pants and into something more fashionable without sacrificing comfort.

clothes only

The accessories include hats, gloves (including boxing) and duffel bags.


And there’s a men’s line too!

group men

Item: Alexander Wang for H&M
Where:  H&M Stores and online at
Price: $10-$350


Kate Spade New York and Jack Spade for GapKids

I really dropped the ball on this one!  With prices ranging from $9.95 to $130, the line by the husband and wife design team hit stores last Thursday (10/30) and will available in stores and online for two weeks only.  And it really hurts because I was at the mall on Friday and it’s probably the like the ONLY time that I was there and didn’t stop by the Gap.  Then I rush to the mall only to find out that the line is only featured in select stores.  So check this list before you head out to your local store or you can always shop online.

gap jack spade 3



The line features accessories too!


Item: Kate Spade New York and Jack Spade
Where: Select GapKids Stores and
Price: $9.95-$130


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