Friday Find: Personalized Stationery+More At

gold frame

When Journey gave me her christmas list and I saw she wanted a personalized journal (a sure sign that she’s growing up!), I knew exactly where I was going to get it from.  I went straight to my fav stationery site,  One of the things that I love most about Minted is that they feature the fabulous work of independent artists across the globe.  I am always guaranteed to find a unique design that is just my style.

They have a huge selection of oh-so-cute journal designs and colors to choose from!

I love these because you know how much I love affirmations!
minted brilliant journalminted affirmations journal

Or maybe I should choose one that showcases a piece of her artwork…
minted your artwork journal

Or maybe one to highlight her pretty face…
minted pic journal

And I can even personalize the inside cover…
minted affirmstions inside

Since I couldn’t decide, I jumped over to the stationery.  They have stationery to match quite a few of the journal designs, so that didn’t help me narrow it down much.  But I decided to get this stationery and both of the affirmation journals.  Journey is going to love them!
minted affirmation stationery

But before I left the site, one more thing caught my eye…
minted mommy card3

It’s a Mommy Calling Card!  How stinkin’ cute is this?!  So perfect for when you bump into that mom of the kid that your kid has been dying to have a playdate with.  Just whip out your card and tell her to give you a call or shoot you an email to schedule.

I really like this one…
minted mommy card 2

Check out the options for the back.  I like the “when, where, time” design.
minted mommy card2 back

Before I knew it, I had been on the site for an hour! Check it out to find some really unique gifts, you won’t be disappointed.  Oh, and I almost forgot, they are having a holiday sale—20% off all art and gifts, including personalized stationery!

Item:  Journals, Stationery, Art, Personalized Gifts + More
Price:  Varies


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