Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For Him

Deciding what to give him for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are a 10 gift ideas that will make the man in your life love you even more.

i love you collar stays
1.  Personalized Collar Stays
These collars stays are a subtle reminder of how you feel about him all day.


What I Love About You Book
2.  What I Love About You Book
I bought this book as a part of a gift for newlyweds and thought it was so sweet. Use the pages to say what’s in your heart to the man in your life.

sexy woman

3.  Boudoir photos
Leave him wanting more!  Give him a few photos that reveal your inner sex vixen. Or you might want to go schoolgirl innocent—depending on what y’all are in to. You can even use the pictures to create a photo book (I created an iBook with mine). If you can’t get to a professional photographer or are too shy, have a girlfriend come over and snap the pics for you. You can also use a tripod and take them yourself.

Heart Cuff Links
4.  Red Heart Cufflinks
For the man that gets suited up for the office, these cuff links are the perfect addition to his collection.

I Love You Mug
5.  ‘That’s All – I Love You’ Mug
Simple stated, this mug speaks for itself.


Look At My Phone Card
6.  A Card
My husband and I aren’t the mushy type, so a card is usually the only gift we give each other. I love this card because it perfectly sums up the sarcasm in our relationship.

Be Mine Tie Bar
7.  ‘Be Mine’ Tie Bar
‘Be Mine’ is the hidden message on the back of this tie bar with a cute little red heart on the front. Just be sure not to use the word “cute” when you give it to him.

Mixtape Glasses
8.  Mixtape Glasses
If he is old enough to remember the feeling of making the perfect mixtape, these glasses are sure to spark great memories.  The tape is blank, so you can write your name or favorite song on the glass. Ideal for his man cave.

Love Tokens
9.  Love Tokens
Give him a token (or 10) of your affection with these adorable pewter love tokens. Maybe you will even get one in return.

love letter

10. Write A Love Letter
This is such a simple idea, but is probably the most meaningful one on this list. In a time where we abbreviate-and-acronym-type everything, how special it would be to receive a hand-written love letter expressing why he is the perfect man for you.

Do you have any other good gift ideas for him to add to the list?

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: 10 Gift Ideas For Him

  1. I love this! I gave my husband the What I Love about You book for our first Valentine’s day as a married couple a few years back, and we’ve sat and re-read it every valentine’s day since. I love the idea of tie bars and colar stays as well. Thanks for sharing these!

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