Supporting Dreams and Losing Sleep

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After watching countless kid videos on YouTube, Journey decided she wanted to start her own series. Naturally, I was on board. I loved the idea of her living her own dream instead of watching other people live theirs. Of course this meant adding producing and editing a weekly video to my list of things to do. Oh…and did I mention that I don’t even know how to edit video?

But I was determined to help my daughter, so I would have to figure it out. And I did. My computer crashed. I had all kinds of technical difficulties. It took me almost a month to edit it. I had a few late nights. But I did it. Correction. WE did it. Before we even shot the video, Journey was busy working on ideas, writing her script and practicing her delivery.

FullSizeRender 3

Journey discussing the project at our dinner meeting.

Considering our challenges, I think the first episode of Journey’s Style File turned out pretty good great! The show is all about expressing your style, showing your creativity and having fun. The theme for the first episode is how to create a vision board.  Check it out…

Share this video with your kids, SUBSCRIBE and help this determined little girl reach her goal of getting 1,000 YouTube subscribers this year. We’ll post a new video every Thursday.

Thanks for watching. And remember, a smile is your best accessory!

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