Birthday Party: Put A Spin On Your Princess Party & Host A Royal Celebration


It’s been almost 3 years and I can’t believe I’m just posting this party!  Every girl wants a princess party and this was Journey’s biggest bash to date.  It was one of the best (and hardest) parties I’ve ever planned because it was the first time that I attempted to make so many of the decorations.  It took me months to finish it all, but everything turned out fabulous!

We decided to call it Journey’s Royal Celebration because boys were invited and we knew they wouldn’t come if they saw the word “princess” anywhere.

As always, the theme started with the invitation.  I found the perfect invitation on Etsy.  I had the seller change the text and colors to match the color scheme of the party which was pink, cinderella blue, sliver and gold.  I added glitter tape to the binding to dress it up a bit.

Royal Celebration Invitation

Inside left:

Invitation Inside Left

Inside right:

Invitation Inside Right

I used a pearlized pink envelope and made a custom address label for each address. I printed the labels on sticker paper and cut them into strips.  If you ever do this, don’t be fancy like me and put the label portrait style.  It will cost you a pretty penny to mail it.  Of course I figured this out after they were all labeled and ready to go.

Custom envelope label
Envelope back

Once I found a location that was large enough to accommodate all of the activities that I wanted to do, I got busy coming up with ideas for the decor.  There were so many elements to this party, I think the best way to tell you about it is to take you through it as if you were a guest.

When guests arrived, they were greeted by knights that directed them to the entrance.  I ordered the knight cutouts from and I made the flags.

Welcoming Knights
Royal Kinght 3

When they entered the building, guests were greeted by another knight.

Welcome Knight 2

Then they entered the castle.  The castle wall and doors were a plastic back drop that I cut to fit the space.

Castle Doors

Once they entered the castle, each guest had a personalized gift bag along with everything needed for a royal celebration.  I used printable labels from Gartner Studio to make the labels.  I designed a crest for the boys and a tiara for the girls.

gift bag labels

Each boy received a chest plate, plastic sword and a knight mask.

Boy Knights

Each girl received a tiara, a ring, a bracelet, and a necklace.

Girl Princess Gift Bags

And since every knight and princess needs a horse, I made a stick horse for each guest.  They were the most labor intensive part of the entire party!  I’ll tell you exactly how to make them in another post.

Boy Stick Horses
Girl Stick Horses

Since we had a DJ, we set the tables in a way that would allow the kids to interact but left plenty of room for dancing.

Table Set-up

The tables were decorated with princess castle cutouts from Meri Meri along with cardboard carriages and knight figurines.

Meri Meri Princess Castle
Knight Figurine
Cinderella carriage

The tables also had gold crowns for the boys and princess cone hats for the girls.  I also made ribbon wands.  I’ll be posting the tutorial for those too!

Gold crowns Princess Ribbon Wands

I painted a cardboard castle pink and put a princess castle cling on the wall behind it.

cardboard castle
cardboard castle2

We had all kinds of activities for the kids including a bouncy castle, PlayStation, air hockey, and hula hoops.  They also played games and danced the afternoon away.IMG_1563_edited-144IMG_1691_edited-1IMG_2182_edited-1

Parents even got in on the fun and a trophy was given to the mom and dad with the best dance moves.


Princess Tiana, Cinderella, and Prince Charming also joined the party for face painting, balloon twisting, and a royal dance.

tiana cinderella charming

Prince Charming did a special dance with the birthday girl!

J and Prince Charming

Instead of cake, we did a cupcake bar.  Guests could make their own cupcake with toppings like oreos, M&M’s, sprinkles, and marshmallows.

Castle cupcake holder
Cupcake Bar Toppings

We also had cake pops, princess rice krispy treats, and popcorn.

Cake Pops
Rice Krispy Treats

When the party was finally over, the kids loaded up their gift bags with all of their party loot and galloped out on their stick horses.  And I went home and took a much needed nap!


3 thoughts on “Birthday Party: Put A Spin On Your Princess Party & Host A Royal Celebration

  1. Wow, I can really see the detail and planning you put into this party. I would never have the patience for this. However, it times like these that I wish we had a girl, she looked so adorable!! Thanks for sharing!! #shinebloghhop

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