Friday Find: The No Touch Pen

gold frame

My name is Simone and I am a germaphobe. It’s been 10 minutes since I last washed my hands. I loathe touching surfaces. I do the knuckle punch on keypads and touch screens. I keep a glove in the car just for pumping gas. And there are wet wipes and hand sanitizer in my purse at all times.  I have good reason.  There’s poop on everything…well, at least on surfaces that we touch during a normal day.  High levels of E. coli (bacteria that normally live in the intestines of people and animals) can be found on 70-80% of grocery carts, 71% of gas pump handles, and 68% of mailbox handles to name a few.  Yuck!  If you are as grossed out as I am you’re going to love this week’s Friday Find, the No Touch Pen.

This pen is awesome!  It’s a 3-in-1 antimicrobial stylus and pen that keeps you from having to touch icky surfaces.

no touch pen

1.  The soft tip stylus is great for use at ATMs, grocery store checkouts, airport kiosks, and anywhere there is a touch screen or keypad.  Use it on you cell phone, tablet, elevator buttons, or on anything that you would use your finger to touch.

2.  The next time you have a package delivered, use the hard tip stylus to sign for it.  Who knows the last time the driver washed his hands or disinfected that pen!

3.  It also had an ink pen for traditional transactions and everyday use.

No Touch Pen at Gas Station

Me at the gas station. Look at all that grime!

The No Touch Pen easily clips on your keychain or cell phone.
no touch pen 2So after dragging this pen around on your keychain, eventually it will get germy too, right  Nope!  It has an antimicrobial finish that protects the pen and inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi.

But one of the things that I love most about this pen is that it was created by two awesome innovative women, Christy Chang and Amy Pepper.

For only $14.99 it makes a great gift for birthdays, mother’s day, or just because.  Ok, now go wash your hands and go get a No Touch Pen!

Item: No Touch Pen
Price: $14.99



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