Journey’s Give BIG Birthday Party

J GBB Pic 3

To celebrate her 8th birthday, Journey is asking family, friends, and you to celebrate at her virtual Give BIG Birthday Party by making a donation to is a non-profit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation.

Unsafe water source Haitidonate balloon
(Imagine having to drink, bath and cook using this water)

In lieu of gifts, Journey is asking everyone to help her raise $2,500 to help 100 children in other countries gain access to fresh water.  Journey’s birthday is April 25th, but because she set such a lofty goal, her Give Big Birthday Party will begin on April 1st and end on April 30th.

Join the party!  Say Happy Birthday to Journey by donating as much as you want or as little as $1 to help her reach her goal. You can also donate via phone by calling (816) 877-8451.  Help keep the party going all month by sharing this page with family and friends via Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #givebigbirthday.

*Please note that all donations are tax-deductible and go directly to  When you click the “donate” link, you will be directed to’s secure server. and will not accept any payments and have no access to any of your personal information other than your email address.  Your email address will not be shared with any third parties.
red line
Journeyj mlk 2011 is a firm believer that we are all God’s children and it is our duty to treat everyone with respect and kindness.  She understands that when you do good things for others, good things happen to you. “There are three things that you do,” says Journey.  “You donate your time, talent, and treasure.”  True to those IMG_0095words, she volunteers every Martin Luther King, Jr.  Holiday and has organized several fundraisers to benefit various children’s charities.  At last year’s Give BIG Birthday Party, guests made bracelets, pictures, comfort cards and donated over $200 to benefit Cleveland’s Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.

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