Super Fun Summer Challenge | Week 9

summer challenge logo-big Last week was the first week doing the challenge while on vacation.  I had to work out of town for the week, so Journey spent the week with family.  But she still finished her challenge!  Here’s a quick week 7 recap… Continue reading


Super Fun Summer Challenge | Week 8


Summer camp is over and we have officially started our month-long vacation (workaction for me) this weekend. So we are taking the challenge on the road! Here’s the week 5 recap…

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Super Fun Summer Challenge | Week 7

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So far, Journey has been an architect, an entrepreneur, a playwright, an eco-superhero, an artist and a philanthropist!  What’s next?  Before you find out, here’s a quick recap of week 5… Continue reading

Super Fun Summer Challenge | Week 6

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I can’t believe that we are 6 weeks into the challenge already!  Next week is Journey’s last week of summer camp.  Thank goodness I have this to keep her busy.  Here’s a quick recap of week 4… Continue reading

Super Fun Summer Challenge | Week 5

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We are heading into week 5 of the Super Fun Summer Challenge! Journey is having a blast and I hope your kids are too. Before I get into next week’s challenge, I’ll quickly recap week 3.

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Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

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Although my daughter is in summer camp, she still has quite a bit of free time when she gets home.  Since she is an only child and I am a WAHM, I can’t always play with her as much as she (or I) would like.  But I didn’t want her plopped in front of the television or bored all summer either.  I needed to come up with an exciting way to keep her busy.  The Super Fun Summer Challenge was born!  She absolutely LOVES it!  I told another mom about it and she told another mom and they want to get their kids in on the fun.  I thought perhaps you would too.  All the kids need to participate is a notebook, stuff you already have around the house and their imaginations.  Here’s how it works… Continue reading